Watch Hill Home Interiors has been doing
business in Birmingham since 1988.  Our
10,000 sq. ft. store is located in the Rail
District,on Eton, South of Maple.  We
specialize in traditional European furniture
and accessories for the home.  Most of
our furniture is made in the Czech Republic,
Italy, Romania, and Slovenia.
Our Finishing
Most of our furniture is available
custom sized and custom finished.  
We produce all of our high quality
finishes at our Ferndale studio.  
We're expert at matching stain or
paint samples and are well known
for our wonderful antique patinas
which look very authentic.
Each Spring we bring in wonderful
gardenware from the European
and Asian markets.  We make it a
point to import only those items
made from traditional materials
and techniques.  No resin or
plastic, just honest materials like
clay, iron, glass and copper.
We are extremely selective when choosing
our accessory lines.  We try to show items
which are interesting, beautiful, well-made,
and of good value.  We believe that well
appointed accessories are the foundation
of good interior design.
Oil Paintings
We regularly showcase from 80 to 100
different oil paintings.  We restock every
two months, so we always have new and
exciting oils to choose from.  All oil
paintings are original oil on canvas works
of art.  No Shortcuts!  All are created and
signed by the artist.  From intimate 5x7's to
colossal 4'x6' murals, most traditional
subjects are stocked.